rgb fo·ra·mi·nif·era
[ɑr dʒi bi fə-ˌra-mə-ˈni-f(ə-)rə]

RGB Foraminiferas are shells mostly built of frequencies [1]. They can be found in PAL, NTSC and SECAM environments. By constant moving [2] and rotating they capture tiny pieces of light they feed on [3]. Most of them live in cathode tubes but mutated forms can also be found in screens built of liquid crystals or LEDs. Their skeleton is constructed of pictures, pixels. Through evolution many mutation forms developed. Foras transmit »audio feedback« signal[4], on a frequency 10 Hz, inaudible to a human ear. Foras can not be seen with a human eye. Scientists use analog and digital media to capture specimen.

RGB Foraminifera example